Hudlin Entertainment

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many HOUSE PARTY movies did you do?

I wrote and directed the first movie; my brother produced it. Contrary to popular opinion, we had no involvement with any of the sequels…except for cashing checks. So don’t blame me for what followed. You don’t blame Spielberg for JAWS 3-D.

2. Didn’t you also make DEAD PRESIDENTS and AMERICAN PIMP?

The Hudlin Brothers and the Hughes Brothers are often confused. Our names are similar. We started making films around the same time. Both are black. Both are brothers.

But the Hughes Brothers are twins. Warrington is the oldest of three, I am the youngest. The Hughes Brothers co-direct. While my brother and I both write, produce and direct, usually we do each task separately. So if I direct, he produces, and visa versa.

I actually don’t mind this bit of confusion because the Hughes Brothers are really talented and adding their filmography to mine really expands the breadth of my work. With the combined Hudlin/Hughes resume, the films range from light romantic comedy like BOOMERANG to a dark period thriller like FROM HELL. Very impressive, right?

Allen Hughes and I have discussed this and we no longer correct people. So if you ask us, we will claim all those movies as our own. This is the only place where there will be a statement of clarification.

3. Are you going to make more movies?  Or TV?  Or take another executive job?

I’m going make movies, make TV shows, write comics…and a few other surprises.  

Making a movie is like having a baby.  It’s months of hard labor.  When it finally emerges, you’re exhausted.  But the first thing people ask you, even at the premiere, is “what are you doing next?” Would you ask a woman in the delivery room when she’s having another baby?

4. I’ve got a great idea – will you write a script for me? Can you read my script? Can you help me get an agent? Can I send you my head shot?  Can you listen to my demo?