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Nelson George is the hub of all things. He’s usually three people away of anyone worth knowing. So when he comes to Los Angeles and invites a bunch of his friends to see an art exhibition, it’s a must do. First of all, I wanted to see the exhibition anyway….


The Governor’s Awards 2015

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences kicks off the Hollywood Award season with the Governor’s Awards, where they give honorary Oscars to legendary and overlooked talent. I produced the show last year, and as one of the producers of the Oscars this year, I had to attend. Not…

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Reggie At Work

In addition to producing the Oscars, I’ve had a very busy fall working with many wonderful actors. Mike Epps and I on the set of UNCLE BUCK, his new show on ABC. Mike posted this picture with the caption “Reggie Hudlin and I burnin’ bridges!”, which was a reference to…

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Reggie At Work 2

My kids keep asking me to make a movie they can see… so here’s one! ‘Blazing Samurai’: Cast, Release Date, New Details Announced Cartoon Brew, by Scott Thill | 11/09/2015 An homage to Blazing Saddles, Mel Brooks’ 1974 western spoof, Blazing Samurai is a global animated affair — with a…

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My Cameo In A Lalah Hathaway Video

Anthony Hamilton and Lalah Hathaway at the Black Movie Soundtrack tribute at the Hollywood Bowl I get a call from Lalah Hathaway, who tells me she’s doing a cover of her dad Donnie Hathaway’s classic song “Little Ghetto Boy” and she wants me to appear in the video. I say…

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Me And Cousin Chris At Work

Or “Doctor Chris”, as we call him at our house, to distinguish him from “Uncle Chris” aka my brother. He’s a surgeon, which automatically makes him that family member you treasure because he’s the one you call to get a second opinion on your every ache and pain. While I…

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Murder In The First

I had a great time directing this show last season, and I’ve done back to back episodes for season two – episodes seven and nine. Me and the very serious cast of MURDER IN THE FIRST. Raphael Sbarge, AJ Buckley, Kathleen Robertson, Emmanuelle Chriqui, me, Ian Dale Anthony and Taye…

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Reggie on TCM

As the producer of the 2014 Governor’s Awards, I talked with Turner Classic Movies about the four honorees receiving Oscars that night. These aired the week of the Oscars. A lot of people saw them on air, but I’m just seeing them! Here I am talking about Maureen O’Hara. Maureen…

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Highlights from the NAACP Image Awards

This was my third year producing the NAACP Image Awards and it’s so nice to hear ‘this was the best year ever’ from all quarters. Here’s some highlights from the Red Carpet Show. I never understood why didn’t have one before, so I was glad to institute one last year….

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Reginald Hudlin’s Dwayne McDuffie Award For Diversity Keynote Speech

The inaugural Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity was awarded Saturday at Long Beach Comic Expo to Nilah Magruder, creator of “M.F.K.” Writer, director and producer Reginald Hudlin, former “Black Panther” writer and one of the co-founders of the new incarnation of Milestone Media, delivered the keynote address at the event….

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46TH NAACP Image Awards

Here I am on the Red Carpet with my family! Here’s a clip of the opening number for the Image Awards that kicked it off with a bang while making our mission statement clear. I’ve executive produced the Image Awards for three years now, and every year people say this…

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If You Hear Any Noise….


Malcolm Lee, Jeff Byrd, Gordon Bobb, and Reginald Hudlin

Me photobombing a shot with fellow directors Malcolm Lee and Jeff Byrd and attorney Gordon Bobb at the House of Blues.  TV One and the Broadcast Critics Association put together a tribute to black films of 2013.

The Ladies of 20 Feet From Stardom


The amazing ladies of 20 FEET FROM STARDOM where there to tear the roof off.  Merry Clayton, Darlene Love, Tata Vega and Judith Hill did the dang thing.

Reginald Hudlin and Cathy Hughes

Me and the founder of the Radio One and TV One empire, Ms. Cathy Hughes.  Her career is a living testimony to making it happen.

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