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Best Moments Of My Life in 2013

Best Moments Of My Life in 2013 1. The Oscars To share that experience with my wife is great, but to bring my mom too was a partial payback for all the great parenting she and my dad did for me and my brothers.   2. Earth Wind and Fire…

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Best Movies of 2013

Best Movies Of 2013 1. Fast And Furious 6 I went to the FAST AND FURIOUS premiere, and a few weeks later, paid money see it again. 2. World War Z Finally, a zombie movie that looks at the big picture of global infection! 3. Philomena Great example of how…

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Television Shows 2013

Best Television Shows Of 2013 1. Game of Thrones The drama, the politics, the soap opera, the supernatural….I love it all.   2. Key and Peele They have really caught their stride this year.   3. Boardwalk Empire I was out, but the addition of Jeffery Wright and the brilliant…

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Best Political Stories Of 2013

Best Political Stories Of 2013 1. Obama Wins A Few Of course there are plenty of stories about how this was such a terrible year for the President, but I remember a bunch of significant wins.  Like winning the game of chicken with the Tea Party over the budget shutdown,…

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Most Beautiful People Of The Year

Most Beautiful People Of The Year 1. The Cast of The Fast And The Furious Has there been a better-looking ensemble of actors than the Fast And Furious cast?  The actors and actresses are sexy, cool, funny…and the best argument for multiculturalism.  Not just in the movies, but in life….

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Best Music of 2013

1. John Legend – Love In The Future Great album, great video, great concert, great guy.  2. Janelle Monae – The Electric Lady I’m a fan, but like David Bowie, Prince and Public Enemy, she needs to find out how to make commercial music and still be true to her…

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Music and Dance Clips 2013

Ten Best Music And Dance Clips Of 2013 1. Heaven Dancing on Ellen A cute mom and daughter do their thing on Ellen. A whole lotta cute results. 2. Welcome to Tokyo Japanese cool with pop locking flavor. 3. Couple On Subway Dancing The exuberance of youth and love. 4….

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Comics 2013

Ten Best Comics Of 2013 1. Lazarus Great concept that crosses GAME OF THRONES with ELYSIUM.  It’s got beautiful art, wonderful writing and pacing….this is the book I’m most excited by these days.   It used to be that comics had a scale and sweep of time that movies or…

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