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Reginald Hudlin Moments

Top Ten Reginald Hudlin Moments of 2009 10. MY CAPOEIRA BAPTIZADO Got a double promotion in one day. I was very proud.   9. RELAUNCHNG THE WEBSITE Long overdue but it’s finally the site I imagined, and getting better all the time.   8. WRITING WITH STEPHEN BOCHCO Working on…

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Top Ten Heroes of 2009 10. TYLER PERRY So many black folks have tried to build a viable movie/television empire. He’s done it. An amazing business success. Then a million dollars to the NAACP. I wish I could make donations of that size. 9. LAURA LING, EUNA LEE AND BILL…

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The Top Tech of 2009 10. CELL PHONE SERVICE Still crappy after all these years. 9. PICO PROJECTORS Wall –sized video images from a projector I can fit in my pocket? I want it. 8. DVR’s I don’t watch late night talk because now that’s when I catch up with…

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Top Ten Moments in Comics 10. DARK REIGN I liked it. A natural continuation of the events of CIVIL WAR. Currently enjoying SIEGE, and looking forward to the AGE OF HEROES. 9. BLACKEST NIGHT  So good I’m reading DC Comics! 8. WALKING DEAD The consistency is amazing. Can’t wait for…

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Political Stories

The Top Ten Political Stories of 2009 10. BARACK’S NOBEL PEACE PRIZE Why did he win it? Because he made the world safer just by showing up. 9. THE RISE OF THE TEA PARTY MOVEMENT A collection of conflicting interests, some anti-government, some also hostile to corporations, some of it…

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Moments in Music

Top Ten Moments in Music of 2009 The overarching story of music in 2009 is the continual collapse of the music business as we knew it. As Chris Rock said, when a movie like BROOKLYN’S FINEST doesn’t have a soundtrack album, the record business is over. In my car right…

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Movie Events

Top Ten Movie Events of 2009 10. BLACK FILM – OF ONE TYPE OR ANOTHER – IS BACK Looking back, weirdly enough, the first good year for black films in a long time. Some were by black filmmakers, some were just about black people, some were elaborate metaphors on race….

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Favorite Websites

My Favorite Websites of 2009 10. HUFFINGTON POST Invaluable during the election. 9. BYRON CRAWFORD Hilarious and honest. 8. THE MESSAGE Funny and smart. 7. GOSSIP JACKER My new favorite in this category. 6. KANYE WEST: BLOG Always on the next shit. What’s his new site gonna be? 5. OSBORNE…

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The Top Ten Events in Television for 2009 10. THE GOOD WIFE  I kept hearing about it, and man, it’s worthy of the hype. Beautifully written, shot, and performed. Not what I thought I would be into, but I am.   9. HBO Larry David found a way to have…

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Sex-Related Events

The Top Ten Sex-Related Events of 2009 This whole list owes a great debt to the guys at US VS. THEM, who cover this material with much cleverness. 10. BARACK OBAMA Thanks for becoming a sex symbol, so smart black guys can then ask sisters swooning over him “but would…

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