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Static Gets a Timely New Origin in Milestone Returns With Milestone Returns providing a sneak peek at a reimagined Dakotaverse, Static gets a new origin story that’s rooted in the modern-day. BY SAM STONE15 HOURS AGO WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Milestone Returns Zero, by Reginald Hudlin, Greg Pak, Jim Lee,…

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Comics A legendary Black superhero universe has been dormant for two decades. Now it’ll finally return. The Black superhero has never been common in the comic book industry. An entire Black superhero universe? Even less so. Black superheroes have had varying degrees of success in comics over the last half…

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Reginald Hudlin Says ‘Static Shock’ Movie In Development – DC Fandome By Anthony D’Alessandro Editorial Director/Box Office Editor August 22, 2020 2:10pm Today during a surprise DC Fandome panel about Milestone Media, Oscar nominated filmmaker Reginald Hudlin revealed that a Static Shockmovie was in development as part of DC’s revitalizing the imprint which is devoted to African American…

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